Christopher W. Trice

(b.1973; resides Jasper, AL)

My work at Dixie Square Mall is an effort not to find beauty, but to create it.   - Christopher Trice

In The Dixie Square Mall Series, Christopher Trice examines the space and socioeconomic import of a long-abandoned shopping center in one of Chicago’s south suburbs. Dangling wires, fallen ceiling tiles, and peeling wallpaper evidence the decay of otherwise familiar store interiors now ravaged by vandals and weather alike. Yet the attention to color and closely controlled composition of Trice’s photographs transcend the merely documentary, generating a beauty otherwise absent from this crumbling structure.

Trice holds a BFA from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (1999) and an MFA from the University of Illinois at Chicago (2001). His recent exhibitions include Not Too Far From Home at the Lyda Rose Gallery, Birmingham, Alabama; Chicago and Vicinity - With a Bias at Klein Art Works, Chicago; and ILL. at Great Space Gallery, Chicago.