Anastasia Samoylova

(Russian, b. 1984; resides in East Peoria, IL)

Encompassing both the traditions of landscape and still life photography, Anastasia Samoylova's images are a visual interplay between representation and abstraction.  In her series Landscape Sublime (2013 -2014), Samoylova is interested in the romanticized and mass distributed genre of nature photography.  Her photographs, carefully composed in the studio, utilize images appropriated from the internet of mountains, trees, flowers and the ocean to create new, disorienting compositions. Contorting the found images amid colorful and reflective materials and shapes, Samoylova’s structural layered images generate a new territory from conventional interpretations of the landscape. 

Samoylova completed her MFA in Interdisciplinary Visual Arts from Bradley University (2011) and an MA in Environmental Design from the Russian State University of Humanities in Moscow (2007). Her work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally, including: 3433, Chicago, IL (2014), Richland’s David Erlanson Gallery, Decatur, IL (2013); Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, Russia (2013, 2010); National Center for Contemporary Arts, St. Petersburg, Russia (2009). Samoylova is currently an assistant professor of art and the head of photography at Illinois Central College in East Peoria, IL.