Kathy Richland

(b. 1948; resides Chicago, IL)

Kathy Richland’s Powerful Women continues Richland’s fascination with portraiture of middle-aged women of social prominence. This recent body of work, often displayed in a grid, features cross-dressed men in addition to, or contrasted with, the women whom they so desire to emulate. Richland photographs each of her subjects with the same intimacy and each sitter reveals as much of themselves as they choose. In many cases sex is difficult to identify. Carefully studied mannerisms, confident gestures, and strong natural light, all placed within privileged domestic settings, give the portraits an authority that challenges perceptions of femininity, gender, and class.

Kathy Richland’s work has been published in the Chicago ReaderChicago MagazineNewsweekTimePeople Magazineand Reader’s Digest. Her work has been shown at various Chicago locations such as the LaSalle Bank, the Chicago Historical Society, the Chicago Cultural Center, Gallery 312, and most recently the Union League Civic & Arts Foundation.