Zora J. Murff

(American, b. 1987; resides in Fayetteville, Arkansas)

With a background in psychology and social services, Zora Murff began a position at Iowa’s Linn County Juvenile Detention and Diversion Services in 2012. Working with minors on probation as a “Tracker,” he was responsible for keeping tabs of their whereabouts (either digitally or in person), and assisting in their rehabilitation. Murff quickly became fascinated by the juvenile corrections system’s effect on those within it, and began to document the experience of the youths he worked with in his series Corrections (2013-ongoing).  Murff’s images portray not only young people and the ephemera related to their probations, but he also gives a glimpse into the systems that are used to contain the individuals.  Collectively, Murff’s varied images focus on themes of control, privacy, and personal development.

Zora Murff completed a BS in Psychology from Iowa State University (2010) and his MFA in Studio Art from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. Murff’s work has been shown in exhibitions in both Iowa and Kansas, and has been featured in various online publications including: Wired Magazine’s Raw File and Feature Shoot.