Brian Lesteberg

(b. 1981; resides Minneapolis, MN)

Exhausting and exhilarating, the time I spend with my father in the field has become a ritual as steady as the migrations they depend on. My photographs are witness to this ritual and its place in the layered order of the natural world. —Brian Lesteberg

Brought up to be a hunter, Brian Lesteberg uses his personal experience of a family pastime to examine the people, props, and places of hunting. In the Raised to Hunt series he follows its cycle in and out-of-doors from preparation through resolution, creating concise tableaux of tracking and field dressing, hunting blinds and cold storage, decoys and taxidermy. Lesteberg’s insider status (perhaps most clearly stated in titles that reference the subject as “Dad”) offers his pictures the measured consideration and formal beauty of a careful and familiar observer.

Lesteberg holds a BFA in photography from The Minneapolis College of Art and Design (2004). His work, which is included in the Milwaukee Art Museum collection, has been exhibited recently in Minneapolis at The Soap Factory, Spot Art, ICEBOXGallery, and Minnesota Center for Photography.