Tom Jones

(b.1964; resides Madison, WI)

Born into the Ho Chunk Native American Indian community, Tom Jones has worked closely with his tribe to portray them from the inside out, as opposed to the traditional view of the outsider looking in. In the above works, he shows some of the tribe’s adaptations to the “white” culture of mainstream America. By doing so, he hopes to give “a name and face to the individuals and their way of life in our own time” instead of simply depicting the “beads and feathers” manner in which many photographers choose to depict this community.

Jones attended the University of Wisconsin, Madison (BFA, 1988), and Columbia College Chicago (MA, MFA, 2002). He has shown his works in several solo exhibitions, most recently at Michigan State University and the Wisconsin Veterans Museum, as well as extensive group exhibitions. In addition, his photographs have appeared in Photo Review and Wisconsin Triennial. Jones’ works are currently included in the collections at Columbia College Chicago, and the Ho Chunk Nation, among others.