Danielle C. Head

(American, b. 1985; resides in Topeka, KS)

Danielle C. Head is interested in how photography constructs historical narratives. In her series Within and Without (2013-ongoing) she focuses on the unknowable figure of Lee Harvey Oswald, the supposed assassin of John. F. Kennedy in 1963. Oswald was killed only two days after his arrest,before he was fully questioned or giving a confession, leaving the  investigation to the analysis of his belongings and recollections of his person. Suddenly banal objects like clothing and blank sheets of paper gained great significance because of their associations.  The lingering questions about Kennedy’s murder jarred the world and fueled numerous conspiracy theories. Head examines the specter and material remnants of Lee Harvey Oswald and challenges the boundaries between reality and construction, fact and fiction, past and present.

Danielle C. Head completed her BA at Hampshire College, Amherst, MA (2007) and her MFA in photography at Indiana University, Bloomington, IN (2011). She is currently an Assistant Professor of Photography at Washburn University in Topeka, KS.