Ben Golden

(b.1931; resides Chicago, IL)

Ben Golden’s City Light series captures the dramatic highlight and shadow, sharp angles, and harsh geometry of urban architecture under direct sun. In order to explore the range of effects created by mid-day light, Golden photographs a diverse group of surface textures, from gritty concrete to gleaming steel, as well as a variety of locations within the city, from bustling avenues to quiet alleys. Correspondingly, his technical approaches to this medley of subjects are just as diverse. He frequently changes vantage points and proximity, shoots both interiors and exteriors, at times documenting and at others abstracting.

Originally trained as a pharmacist, Golden is largely a self-taught photographer. His work has been published in Leica Magazine and Northwestern University ILR Journal, and exhibited at The Chicago Cultural Center; DeGrazia Gallery, Tucson, Arizona; Temple Sholom, Chicago; and the Jewish Federation Building, South Bend, Indiana.