Sarah Faust

(b.1969; resides Chicago, IL)

In part, this work serves to test my belief in the power of photography to confront the questions that preoccupy us, capture time, and prolong a moment. – Sarah Faust

In Photographs of My Mother, Sarah Faust utilized her rich sense of color and her eye for striking compositions to present an intimate document of her mother’s journey into her later years. In Barcelona Hotel Room (2000), her mother confronts the viewer with her gaze. Clothed in a black cocktail dress and bathed in warm glowing light, she reclines on a bed amidst a background of chaotic wallpaper. Such images challenge society’s notion that an older woman cannot be sensual, while simultaneously exploring in depth a range of female expression. These pictures also give insight into the unique and dynamic bond between mother and daughter.

Faust received a BFA from the University of Kansas (1992) and earned her MFA from Columbia College Chicago (2000). She has exhibited widely, including the Stamford Art Association, Connecticut; Limner Gallery, New York; and Trish Higgins Fine Art, Wichita, Kansas. Her work is in numerous private collections and she twice received Albert P. Weisman Memorial Scholarships and Dwight Follett Fellowships during her time at Columbia College.