Todd Deutsch

(b. 1969; resides Minneapolis, MN)

Todd Deutsch’s pictures began to revolve around family when he became a father in 1997. Family Days, a year-long project begun in 2003 on the day Deutsch’s third son was born, committed the photographer to expressing the demands of a growing family. The boys tumble through house and yard with vitality, a wake of bright plastic toys and overturned cushions behind them, or else are revealed in moments of great quiet and earnestness. The downward angle of most pictures suggests the vantage point of an adult, present but not obtrusive in these dramas. Subtle, but enough to suspect that parenthood is as much an adventure as childhood.

Deutsch holds a BFA in media arts from Minneapolis College of Art and Design (1992) and an MFA in photography from Cranbrook Academy of Art (1996). He is a three-time recipient of the McKnight Foundation Fellowship for Photographers (1992, 2000, and 2005), with recent exhibitions at Minneapolis Foundation; Mark Woollery Gallery, Portland, Oregon; Catherine G. Murphy Gallery, Saint Paul, Minnesota; and a solo exhibition of The Every Day Picture Project at TRIS-Escuela de fotografía, Montevideo, Uruguay. Deutsch has been Assistant Professor at College of Saint Catherine, St. Paul, Minnesota since 1998.