Lois Bielefeld

(American. b. 1978; resides in Shorewood, WI)

In her series Weeknight Dinners (2013 – ongoing), Lois Bielefeld explores the nightly ritual of eating a meal in the American home.  The images vary greatly, from depictions of fully set formal dinner tables, to a lone diner sitting at a counter, to families all seated around the television. Though all partake in the same custom Bielefeld’s portraits reveal intricate differences in the common act of eating dinner, as well as offering us a voyeuristic view into the vast differences in how her subjects organize their homes and lives.  The traditional conception of a dinner in an American home is both challenged and validated by Bielefeld’s series, showing the diversity of our society and habits in often un witnessed moments in the home.

Bielefeld completed a BFA in Advertising Photography from Rochester Institute of Technology (2002). Her work has been exhibited nationally, including Honfleur Gallery, Washington D.C. (2010); Walkers Point Center for the Arts, Milwaukee, WI (2013), Institute of Visual Arts, Milwaukee, WI (2013), among others.  She is an accomplished commercial photographer with clients such as: Kohl's, Time Magazine, TimeOut NY and Prestige Hong Kong, among others.