About the Photographer

Asztalos, Courtney

American, b. 1988

In her series, Purple Domino (2015-2017), Courtney Asztalos creates photographs of older women in casinos in New York, Nevada, and Florida. Her images are shot very close-up with heavy flash in contrasted neon, exposing every detail and imperfection of the spaces and her subjects. Their make-up, jewelry, and clothing choices speak to the glamour of a past era, considering the role of the casino as a portal or escape to another time or place.

Asztalos completed her BFA from Florida State University (2010) and her MFA in Photography from Syracuse University (2017). She has been included in exhibitions at the Meinblau, Berlin, Germany (2016); PØST, Los Angeles, CA (2015); Crisp-Ellert Museum, St. Augustine, FL (2014); and the Multimedia Museum, Moscow, Russia (2014); and others. She was a runner up for the 2017 Snider Prize.