The FarEastFarWest Collection

The Shanghai-based FarEastFarWest Collection commissions and acquires works of contemporary Asian art. Most of the collection to date is housed in the permanent collection at the MoCP on extended loan. With a focus on artistic experimentation, FarEastFarWest represents the diverse techniques that have emerged from the region: photography and photomontage, video installation and film, sculpture, animation, performance, and multimedia.

Made by artists based primarily in China, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, and Bangladesh, the works held in the Collection address the current political and economic realities on the Asian continent. Rapid growth and industrialization, the explosion of consumer culture, and the social dynamics of urbanization and globalization are salient themes within the FarEastFarWest Collection. These are paired with works foregrounding the traditions and complex history of the region—including past military rule and the expansion of Chinese communism—that today drive its development, giving us a bird’s eye view of contemporary Asian art and the context in which it is made.

FarEastFarWest was founded in 2007 by Eric Guichard and Davide Quadrio and serves as a production platform for artistic projects. The shared goal of its co-founders is to identify artists, select projects and produce historic pieces which address contemporary issues relevant to life in Asia. Individual artworks from the collection have been displayed in prestigious arts institutions across Asia and Europe. FarEastFarWest endeavors to continue promoting the visibility of the artists involved in its program.

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